Who Can Participate?

Everyone is welcome to register for Power Summer, but the camps are meant for youth and involve training curriculum designed for people aged 18-30. Each camp has a limit of participants based on the location as well as the number of trainers that will be present, and in the case that registration exceeds the number of spaces it will be dealt with on a camp to camp basis. The earlier you register the better your chance to ensure you have a spot!

Due to liability concerns youth aged 17 and younger can only participate with the expressed, signed permission of a parent or guardian and their applications will be reviewed on by case basis.

What do I Need for the Camp?

The majority of the camps will take place outside of major urban areas in a tent campground setting, or a retreat lodge setting. Exact requirements will vary depending on region and the facilities available at each camp, but the majority of camps will require: a tent (for camp settings, there is a possibility of borrowing one/sharing as well), a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad or inflatable mattress, clothing for all weather, a rain jacket, shoes that can be work outdoors for a long period of time, as well toiletries and anything else you would require for a weekend trip. All meals will be provided at camp, but please inform us of any specific dietary restrictions, allergies, etc…

How do I get to the Camp?

We will make every effort secure transportation from the nearest major city for each camp, although participants may be required to take public transportation and/or secure their own transportation. Although we cannot cover the costs for all transportation, we may be able to subsidize transportation for some participants traveling long distances, but our capacity for this is limited and will be assessed on a camp by camp basis. More information on transportation will be provided based on each specific camp.

How much does it cost?

We are making every effort to fundraise to cover the main costs of each camp and have managed to lower the cost per camper to $50 per person. This is necessary to cover the costs associated with renting the location, providing food, transportation costs, costs associated with training and trainers, logistics and more. Your contribution also ensures that we can provide a number of spaces at each camp free of charge for those youth who require it.

If you are unable to pay the registration fee we will have a number of scholarships available for each camp, as well as the opportunity to volunteer to cover the costs in kind.


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